Mission Statement


– When I was young, I thought nothing could rival the sheer jealousy I felt towards fashion bloggers: this is probably because a few years ago, I, together with all the now-30-something Italian women, was hit by the Ferragni Trauma, i.e. the discovery of the mere existence of Chiara Ferragni, this thin, blonde, blue-eyed, RICH fashion blogger flaunting a shoe-rack we all already knew we‘ll never be able to afford, not even in 15 years of hard work. Did I mention that Miss Ferragni is also younger than all of us?

Despite the suffering, my misery was nothing once I discovered the existence of an even more privileged category of blogger: travel bloggers. What are expensive designer bags compared to these people’s lifestyle? I was jealous.

That’s when a part of me started to think: why them and not me? Sure, their pictures are better than mine. Maybe they are smarter, more famous, more followed. But still: WHY THEM AND NOT ME?

So I will be very frank with you. This blog is born with a clear, if greedy, definitely honest, purpose: I want to travel. Badly. And for free

Schermata 2016-09-03 alle 01.38.21

Unfortunately, I still pay for my trips and this represents a double advantage for you dear readers: first off, you don’t have to hate me. Secondly, you won’t see me in Thailand today and in Vegas tomorrow. It’ s impossible. Let me tell you again: to make me a globe-trotter who visits beautiful places while staying in stunning accommodations in exchange for 2 measly Instagram pics is my goal, but we’re still far from that point. 

Meanwhile, I will write about the places I visit. The ones I love and the ones I hate.  Places about which I have something to say, or something to suggest.

You will see me more in Italy than abroad, more in Europe than in Polynesia, but that’s ok because you can read stories about charming places that one day you may want to visit. 

(Of course, this will all change once I jump on the bandwagon of high-flying global travel bloggers and I will be showered with money and stays at swanky 5-star resorts. THEN you can hate me.)

One last note: you need to know that I am not a good traveler. I’m not adaptable to new environments, my orientation skills are not exactly noteworthy, I don’t easily like foreign food, my English is rusty and I suck at packing; Try to understand. I’m Italian. I definitely need to have at least 8 pairs of shoes for each travel week. I can’t sleep sleep away from home and, and this is the worst part, I’m always constipated. Always. I am in my everyday life. You can figure how constipated I can get in another country. 

BUT, in spite of all these facts, I still love to travel, discover, take pictures, meet new people and understand new customs. That’s enough to try! In the last months I’ve been traveling around Madrid, London, Lisbon, Amsterdam and all across Italy: Toscana, Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo, Puglia

And it’s right from Puglia that I want to start…  


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